In humes, one of the main focuses is trying to define the words humanities and revolution. We are told to think about our definitions for these words in the beginning of the class. Both of my definitions changed greatly so to understand how I have grown in my understanding so please read my definitions to see the significance of each unit for the building of my definitions!

Something New

Hi welcome to my something new section! In this section you will be able to see some examples of papers and projects that I have created to link to what we have learned in Humanities.


My projects for this semester include my final paper that I wrote for unit 3. I chose this essay because unit 3 was the unit I enjoyed the most and I found the content to be shocking. My unit 3 essay is about the Rwandan Genocide, which I had known little about before this unit. This essay combines the information and perspectives that I gained from my classmates and information and stories from books by Sontag and Gourevitch. The other project that I include is my annotated bibliography which I used for my revolutionary artifact. This source allowed me to understand the importance of the Nazi Disabled Victims memorial and was a source that I greatly relied on in my paper.

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Drew and this is my Humanities portfolio so welcome! Feel free to look at the different links on my page so that you can learn about what my year as a humster has entailed. Get ready to be transported to far away places such as Berlin or stay at home and learn about my experiences at Davidson. I hope you enjoy!